About us


Our goal is to make a positive impact on people's mobile habits.

You can find millions of Android apps across multiple platforms including Google Play, Galaxy Store, F-Droid, and more. Unfortunately, the majority of these apps are spam, scams, completely worthless, or of poor quality. The world has become completely disorganized due to the carelessness of the app stores and the ignorance of the majority of consumers.

We founders felt the urgent need to do something because we care about people.

This is how Ckayapk.com was born.

A completely new and completely free Android application store called Ckayapk.com. Our goal with this project is to revolutionize mobile device usage. All apps and games are hand-picked and compressed so you can easily find what you're looking for. Its effectiveness for you is extremely important.

What makes us stand out?

With all the platforms available, you might be wondering what makes Ckayapk.com so special. Our commitment and careful execution will reveal the solution.

The quality of each APK on our site is carefully selected after they go through our extensive testing process. To ensure every file works and is compatible with Android devices, our in-house staff thoroughly test it.

Ensuring the security of your device is our top priority. There are no harmful components in any of the applications or games available for download on Ckayapk.com. Only authentic things, free of viruses and fraud.

In response to user feedback, we are committed to an iterative process of app improvement rather than a static strategy. Just a quick comment below the post in question will notify our team if you encounter problems with any files. We respond quickly, fix problems, and make sure you always get the latest and greatest version.

We value your opinion: Looking for a game we should highlight? Or do you have ideas on how we can improve our platform? Your ears are never closed. We assure you that your message will be carefully considered when you contact us via our Contact Page.